Ginetta's Tours

Small Group Tours of Unspoiled Umbria and Tuscany

Would you like to experience the real, unspoiled Umbria and Tuscany in a small group of family members or friends? (No need to deal with driving, or all the planning of where to go or how to get there!)

I offer personalized tours for only 7 people in a small van with a fully insured and competent professional driver for the duration of ten days. I can also arrange for accommodations for longer than the tour. Travelers stay in the small apartment units at the Country Inn (described in detail in this website) as their base, and we will have day-trips to well known towns and cities, such as Siena or Assisi or Florence, but also excursions to quaint, walled villages that are also fortified hill–towns from the Middle Ages. These are off the normal tourist route, yet still provide the same gorgeous Renaissance art in their churches and museums, as well as great ristorantes and trattorias for regional cuisine, beautiful views from their walls of the lush Umbrian or Tuscan countryside, and many local artisans and craftspeople selling their wares in the street markets. This is a colorful experience and taste of the real Italy, where most people speak no English, and you will find the best ambience of Italian life.

Experience one of these authentic and intimate tours at an affordable cost compared to other small group tours. We will take the scenic routes, avoid traffic and crowds, and stop at wineries and abbeys along the way.

Email me or call my cell at (617) 877-1083 for more information, dates and availability. Please visit the “Sample Tour” page. I also offer bike tours, hiking tours or other types of outdoor or festival tours. So, please check out the Other Tours as well.