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About "Ginetta"–Your Personal Agent

Jeanne G. Wilson, or “Ginetta” as her Italian friends call her, has been traveling to Italy for the past 30 years. She had lived and worked in Rome when she was in her twenties, and has made many excursions to various regions of Italy ever since. Over the years, she has come to have an intimate knowledge of her two favorite provinces of Tuscany and Umbria, and about four years ago, she purchased a timeshare in the Country Inn described in this website.

As an educator herself, Jeanne has studied the Italian language and many aspects of the culture itself. Since her formative years in Rome, she has acquired a deep appreciation for “all things Italian”: the beautiful music, Renaissance art and architecture, antiquity and artisans, and ancient Etruscan history, as well as the present, exuberant way of life, fine wines and delicious cuisine. As a person who was raised and educated a Catholic, Jeanne finds herself better able to interpret much of the mystical stories of the religious paintings and stained –glass windows in Italian churches. This has made her tours come alive for many of her travelers who do not have that background.

Her passion and intimate appreciation for the gorgeous, unspoiled, walled hill-towns of Tuscany and Umbria have encouraged many other travelers who accompany her to share her sense of adventure and thirst for the authentic Italian experience, unlike that of the average tourist. She invites you to enjoy the same, whether you take one of her tours or stay in one of her timeshare units or highly recommended hotels.

Referrals and Testimonials

“My friend Sally and I returned from Tuscany almost 2 weeks ago, and we are still there in our hearts…what a perfect vacation and what wonderful memories!”

—Betsy D., Medford, MA.

“Well, that was an awesome trip to Italy! Thanks again…never would have done that!”

—Elizabeth W., Gloucester, MA.

“My wife and I loved your tours…very informative, and loads of laughs, too!”

—Dan M., Nashua, N.H.

To learn more, please contact Jeanne G. Wilson by email or by cell phone at (617) 877-1083.